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Standards Based Lesson Plans

We try to gear all of our teacher classes to California State Content Standards and National Educational Technology Standards.

The following are standards based technology lesson plans by grade level. Most involve language arts standands and try to incorporate science standards in the primary grades and social studies standards in the upper grades.

Kindergarten / First Grade

Class Book using iMovie - Word File / PDF File

Second Grade

Family Presentation using Digital Cameras and PowerPoint - Word File / PDF File

Third Grade

Amendment Flyer using Microsoft Word - Word File / PDF File

Fourth Grade

Weather Math - Web Page

Fifth Grade

You Were There (Multi-Media) - PDF File / Web Page - Could be modified for other grade levels

Sixth Grade

Birthstone Project with a Multi-Media Twist - PDF File / Web Page

Excellent Web Sites for Technology Based Lesson Plans

Technology Replacement Lessons from SVUSD - All Grade Levels

Apple Learning Interchange - Technology Lesson Plans for All Grade Levels

6th Grade PowerPoint Files for California Language Arts Standards

Standards Based Professional Development

Content Standards for California Public Schools:

The National Education Technology Standards for Students are listed below. However, you may find it easier to use the profiles page instead. The profiles website has specific examples of what students are expected to know by grade level.

National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS-S)
Standards in educatonal bureaucracy-type language

National Educational Technology Standards - Student Profiles
Standards in a format that we can all understand what is expected

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